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Mi NagarSevak - Total Election Managment Software.

A true E-election Solution for Municipal Councils, Municipal Corporations and Grampanchayat

Mi NagarSevak Software is available in - "मराठी ", " ગુજરાતી " , " हिन्दी " , " English " , " ಕನ್ನಡ "

"Mi NagarSevak" is a fantastic Election Management System developed by a team of our intelligent developers at UNITY INFOTECH.

The software system is designed in a way that it will help / guide the candidate (Umedwar) starting from the allotment (assigning) of particular area of constituency to his one of the supporter (Karyakarta) to final printing of at the end of the Publicity (Prachar).

At the slightest hint of elections the interested candidates and their supporters start rolling the wheels of preparations. There is gradual growth in the speed of activities by the time dates are declared. Then the names of candidates announced. All of a sudden the candidate and supporters generate a tremendous speed in their final approach towards the long awaited success.

Time plays a major role during this period and the need to save every possible minute and using this saved minute to its optimum usage become a primary necessity. Today's new election strategies make it a most important necessity that the candidate or his representatives supporters meeting the voters personally. Personal communication plays a key role for success in elections thus making it the most important and effective medium. Hence it is very important that the candidate and his representatives should get time for this, and along with this they should have complete and clear information about the voter. This raises the need to create various lists according to classification, need etc.

Keeping in mind the unnecessary exertion of the candidate and his representatives during this tenure on preparation of voters list, it has become necessary to computerize the entire process. To make this entire process easy and most effectively possible "UNITY INFOTECH, PUNE" have developed for the first time in India software called "Mi NagarSevak"

"Mi NagarSevak" will enable easy and fast management of the PRACHAR. Voters List where there is a guarantee on mistakes it done manually can be avoided by using Mi NagarSevak software thus saving time for better utilization of personally meeting more and more number of voters easily.

The use of "Mi NagarSevak" enables the following facilities in comparatively very less time, which is most preciously needed in the heavy and rapid work schedule.

  • Sector-wise voting list
  • Search of voter through the Voting list
  • Voting list as per age (senior voters list)

By input of certain data during the usage of "Mi NagarSevak" you can get voting lists as per the following classifications.

  • Voting list as per Castes
  • Voting list as per leader and zonal members
  • Voting list as per Booths
  • Voting list of the deceased
  • Voting list as per change in address
  • Voting list as per combined castes

To achieve SUCCESS thorough Effective Election Campaigns by use of up-to-date technology… A must have solution for you …… presenting "Mi NagarSevak"

A candidate just by sitting in front of a computer can have complete information about all the voters in his Electoral Constituency along with getting work done through his associates and reaching even the last candidate has been made very easy, fast and effective by the use of "Mi NagarSevak"

The most important benefit by the use of "Mi NagarSevak" is utilization of the money spend by the candidate for the right work, at the right time and the right place. Thus ensuring a perfect combination of our time, money and efforts of our associates to achieve the common objective of SUCCESS.

For management of efficient, effective and planned election campaigns, avoiding unnecessary and unfruitful exertions of subordinates and generation of plenty of spare time for personally meeting the voters, there is no other choice but to make use of the latest technology. Likewise there is no other choice for fulfilling all the above stated need of election campaigns in a fast and effective way but to use a software prepared just for you "Mi NagarSevak"

A part of you grand success "Mi NagarSevak" the election software.

Mi NagarSevak

Mi NagarSevak

Mi NagarSevak

Mi NagarSevak

Mi NagarSevak